Have you ever feel lost and blur yet wanna run but there's no place to go?
Have you ever feel blank yet wanna go somewhere with your bff but there's no place to go?
Have you ever feel pressure with your work but you still searching for your own leisure times?
Have you ever feel you wanna get out from your current place but no one wants to support what're the things that you're doing right now?
Have you ever feel tired and just want to give up about everything and back to your hometown, where you can have your own leisure times, your own bedroom, your own place?
Have you ever feel you're being rejected many times but you have no where to go yet swallowing everything eventhough it was painful?
Have you ever think to just close your eyes and it won't open up as you wish?

I  just need my family, my babies, my bff besides my ultimate love --- ALLAH SWT.

Homesick is kind of sucks. I mean, literally. Everything that you do, you would always reminds of your home. A place that's called ' comfort zone' where you and yourself besides your babies, bff and family. I need my home hahahahahaha omomomo. I can't tell myself, am i the one who type this? Heol. ANYWAYS, i just need to stay strong because midsem is coming yeah eventhough it's only a week left, but yeah i feel that excitedness.

Homesick is a 'disease' where you couldn't find the cure hahahaha believe me even a momma cat misses her babies, y u no  human missing home? I feel like dying whenever i wanna do my assignment lol. HAIYAK

So, dearself. STAY STRONG. 3 YEARS LEFT, INSHAA ALLAH. I am gonna hold my degree scroll. I am funny waiiiii because i always get that homesick padahal ada hati nak cari suami jejauh. Kau rasa? K. Anneyong~~~