She left and closed the door behind her quietly


    Night was falling. The sky was dark. I stood up alone at the balcony. Since my house was located nearby a beautiful beach, I would always spent my night by standing at the balcony, looking at those beautiful scenery. I'm thankful for what Allah has create for me as His caliph in this world. As I was engrossed looking at those scenary, suddenly, it was drizziling. The cold breeze, caresses my skin. It gave a calmness to me. The rain became cats and dogs. From far I could see, a peals of thunder. I closed up the door and lie down on my bed. I stared at the ceiling and the fan too. Then, I looked at my grandmother's picture that has been hang on the wall by me. All of sudden, all those vivid memories came into my mind. I miss my grandmother much. She was died because of heart-attack. No one could replaced her position deeply in my brittle heart.

     When I was a child, I live with my grandmother in an old house at Negeri Sembilan. My parents dead because they met with an incident when I was 10months. Since that, my grandmother took care of me because I don't have any siblings. My grandmother worked as a sweeper in my school. We were poor at that time, but, she would always spent her money for me. She also loved to buy me some scarfs,clothes and so on. I always advice her not to use her money just because she want to cheer me up and she doesn't want me to get offended because I don't have an enough money to buy somehting that I liked. Just like the other child. She said, I've never burden her and she's willing to do anything as long as I feel safe and great staying with her. I'm only her 'property' in this big and adventurous world. So, she never give a damn about it.

    When I was in a primary school, my classmates were always insulted me and teasing me around like because, I am so poor at that time. Even my shoes were torn. Tears kept accompany me at that time. I still remembered '' Don't worry,Madihah. Let them be. Just proved it to me and them, that you would be a good student and a successfull people in the future '' Those words gave me a strengh and I love my grandmother more than anything else. 

     Besides that, my grandmother loves to cook my favourite food such as fish soup and ''kuah kacang'' for me. When eid come, my grandmother would cooked ''kuah kacang'' in a large quantities and some of those meal would be sent to the mosque for people to eat. My grandmother loves to give food to the homeless too. How kind her heart is. Everynight, before I went to bed, my grandmother would always read some fairytale books for me until I fall asleep. My all time book was '' Beauty and the Beast''.'' Love is blind. Doesn't mean someone who hasn't have a pretty or handsome face can't have an opportunity to be fall in love with someone that they love. Love is miracle. May Allah give you my dear Madihah, someone that deserves your heart. In shaa Allah '' Yes. In Shaa Allah, one day. I will found the man who will stay in my life till my last breath as well as him too. The man who will guide me in everything. The man who will be my imam and my kids. *well i guess these part has been added unintentionally be me* ;p

     Other than that, my grandmother would always brought me to the town. Everyweekends, we would go to the public library,hypermarket and so on.She showed me some people's behaviour and she want me to learn and understand about life. If she still alive, I would like to thank her because she showed me a simple education by seeing people's behaviour. I still remembered when both of us standing in front of the KLCC. She touched my shoulder and said '' Good luck Madihah. Your journey is long way to go. You have much time to improve yourself to become a good people, a good muslimah and the most important is the good and obident caliph of Allah. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step''. Her words has become my favourite quotations ever. Evergreen much. I shall use it to my kids. Soon 

     On May 15th at night, I still remembered the time before she died. I slept beside her. We were talking about my grandmother's childhood time. She showed me my photos when I was kid and my parents photos too. They were so lovely. Before I fall asleep, she wish me my best of luck on my life. She kissed on my forehead and she left and closed the door behind her quietly.


 P/S ; This was my favourite essay and and kekonon nak mengabdikan dekat blog lah sebab this book akan dibuang. Sayangkan. Sekolah. Sayangkan. Sekolah. Harus ku bilang double simpang gitu -,- Enjoysss :)